About ClimateLab

Sunset over the sea

ClimateLab is a research and consultancy company on Ocean and Climate dynamics.

ClimateLab provides research, consultancy and services on all aspects of ocean and climate dynamics from regional to global scale.

Assesments and Research of the impact from climate change and human activities on the marine environment are central issues for ClimateLab. Our services include complex data analysis, high resolution numerical modelling, analysis of Earth-Observational data from satellites and in situ observations at sea.

ClimateLab is involved in research in Arctic and Subpolar areas and has recently analyzed the role of melting Ice caps for the marine conditions around Greenland. This research is published in leading international scientific journals. Another focus area is the Baltic Sea - North Sea region where the interplay between climate change, ocean circulation and biology is investigated by incorporating the complex biogeochemical cycling of organic carbon directly in ocean models of the area.

ClimateLab host their own facilities for numerical computations and data analysis of large climate- and marine data sets. ClimateLab ApS was established as a limited company in the summer 2012 by oceanographer and climate researcher Jørgen Bendtsen, Ph. D. ClimateLab is located in Symbion Science Park in Copenhagen.