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Poster presentation at the EGU2018 conference, April 2018.
Observations and modelling of water masses and heat transport at a retreating tidewater outlet glacier (NE Greenland, 81 °N) pdf-file, 16MB
New research results on the melting Ice cap and geothermal heating, January , 2018.
Discussed in Newsweek, Puzzling Heat from Deep Inside the Earth Is Melting Greenland's Glaciers
Discussion about the melting Ice cap and the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation, October , 2017.
Danish Broadcasting, P1 (in Danish), Sidste mand slukker lyset
Oil spill simulations in the EU-project GRACE, May 2017.
The full report (pdf-file, 5 MB) describes various oil spill scenarios in the Baltic Sea and Baffin Bay.
Poster presentation at the Danish Marine Science meeting, Januauy, 2017.
Projection of wind wave and bed shear stress in the inner Danish waters pdf-file, 2MB
Poster presentation at the Danish Marine Science meeting, January, 2015.
Optimizing current fields, sea level and chlorophyll from regional modelling and remote sensing pdf-file, 40MB
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