Jørgen Bendtsen, Ph. D.


Jørgen Bendtsen has experience with research and consultancy on ocean and climate issues. He has been involved in the analysis of biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, in particular the cycling of nutrients, oxygen and carbon. He has investigated how the ocean influences the atmospheric CO2 level and its role for the future climate on Earth. Jørgen Bendtsen is involved in investigations of the Arctic Ocean and circulation in the seas around Greenland and how the circulation is influenced by melting glacial ice and sea ice.

Jørgen Bendtsen, Ph. D.
Oceanographer and climate researcher
Senior scientist and director of ClimateLab ApS

e-mail : jb@climatelab.dk
phone : +45 39 17 97 31
phone, mobile : +45 21 67 15 35