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Updated daily forecasts

Forecasts of ocean circulation in the Baffin Bay and the entire North Sea-Baltic Sea region is updated every day. The forecasts are driven by weather forecasts and knowledge about conditions surrounding the forecast areas, for example runoff and transports from neighbouring areas. The forecasts are under development and the simulated model fields are continuously optimized against observations. Model simulations from the Baffin Bay are also shown against the expected water level obtained from tide tables, and model results are seen to be in good agreement along the entire coast along west Greenland. This shows that currents are generally well simulated in the model. Click on the images for your choice of area and, thereafter, click on the wanted parameter in the tabels below.

Forecast of the Baffin bay

Forecast for the entire Baffin bay and for specific areas along the western coast of Greenland. Choose a parameter in the table and see the forecast for the coming 7 days. The forecast opens in a new window.

Area Temperature Water_level Sea_ice SST_grad Tide Waves
Baffin bay SST SSH Sea-ice SST-grad - Waves
Nuuk SST SSH - - Tide -
Sisimiut SST SSH - - Tide -
Disco Bay SST SSH - - Tide -
Upernavik SST SSH - - Tide -

Forecast of the North sea and Baltic sea

The forecasts are shown for the entire North sea-Baltic sea and for specific areas. Choose a parameter in the table and see the forecast for the coming 3 days. The forecast opens in a new window.

Area Temperature Water_level Sea_ice SST-grad Tide Waves
North sea-Baltic sea SST SSH Sea-ice SST-grad - Waves
North sea SST SSH - SST-grad - Waves
Baltic sea SST SSH Sea-ice SST-grad - Waves
Danish straits SST SSH - - - Waves
Gulf of Finland SST SSH - - - -

Technical description of forecasts

As a part of ongoing projects, daily forecasts of currents, temperature and other parameters are uploaded. The ocean forecasts are driven by meteorological fields from weather forecast models together with sea ice cover derived from models, satellites and in situ observations. The weather forecasts are based on data from NOAA and Deutcher Wetterdienst.

The ocean model is based on the Coherens-modelsystem. Coherens is an open-source ocean model developed by European research-institutions and managed by OD Nature in Belgium. The model system builds on advanced numerical methods for calculating transports and mixing in the ocean.

The wave model is based on the SWAN model. SWAN is an open-source wave model developed at Delft University of Technology. The wave models for each area are nested in coarser models covering a large part of the North Atlantic and these models provide conditions at the open boundaries.

The forecasts are carried out on our computer clusters, based on openMPI and openMP, and all fields are updated around midday (ECT). Forecasts for specific areas can be chosen from the tables above.

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